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Tarot in the real world - helping everyone from contractors to authors - Practical Tarot Readings

Tarot in the real world – helping everyone from contractors to authors

Tarot Card Reading

The practice used to gain knowledge of the past, present, and future by defining questions, then drawing,  and interpreting tarot cards is known as tarot card reading. Reading tarot cards in such a way is a type of cartomancy. Cartomancy is a method of fortune-telling by making use of the card deck.

In other words, we can say that tarot card reading is the method of fortune-telling by using the intuition, and what has been written on the card. It is one of the data used by the mystics to draw a conclusion out of the confusion.

When we talk about the Tarot card reading, it’s history is as mysterious as the concept of reading Tarot Card. When we talk about the origin, as such there is no exact history behind the tarot card reading. But it has chiefly Italian origin and there is evidence as it is known as a card game having a French title, Le Tarots. Moreover, this game is still played on the European countries but bears no similarity to the goddess exemplified the concept of Tarot Card. Since the time immemorial Tarot Cards have been used as an effective tool for prediction solutions.

When it comes to the meaning of tarot card, different books and different decks are available that teach us how these decks can be used. But no specific meaning can be applied to the tarot cards. The tarot cards generally consist of 78 cards in it, and all these 78 cards have different meanings. These provide the relevant information that is necessary to understand the tarot card reading.

When it comes to reading there are different types of Tarot Card Reading. They are as follows.

  1. Divination Tarot Card Reading :

It is believed that the cards can be used for gaining the vision of not only present but also future circumstances. Many people believe that they are governed by the spiritual forces some people believe that they are guided by spiritual forces whereas others believe that the cards help them to tap into tap own collective unconscious, or brainstorming subconscious.

  1. Psychological Tarot Card Reading :

Tarot symbolism was attached to the first psychologist, Carl Jung. He was the one who regarded the tarot cards by representing archetypes i.e. situation rooted in the subconscious of all human beings. The theory of archetypes is used by people in several psychological treatments.

  1. Tarot as a mnemonic device :

Tarot as a mnemonic device or as a textbook is used by many in symbolic study or some schools of occult thought.

According to Roman culture, it was believed that the grandmother would pass on her legacy of divination of secrets to her elder granddaughter before her death. But nowadays this has changed. The power of Tarot Card Reading can be accessed by anyone to get the idea of the most probable future.

How Do Tarot Cards Work to Give Accurate Predictions?

There are many people who are confused about how a deck of cards can help in the production of the future. But, reality or truth is far beyond that. Cards are basically much more than the pictorial representation. It fosters to get a clear understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The cards basically are the representatives of the journey we are supposed to make or the decisions we are bound to take on the earth.

Many times the tarot is considered to be a powerful tool for divination. Tarot card reader is the one who knows how to interpret the cards accurately.  In general reading, we have someone who seeks answers and information, generally related to personal and professional questions.

Generally, tarot card reading behind when the person shuffles the deck of cards, after that lay them on the table cloth, and later randomly picks up the card. In the whole process, as these cards are chosen, the inquirer then hand over them to the reader, who place them on the table, with their faces up. This is called the spread.

This spread can be in any form, following a certain pattern. Each pattern having a relevant name and thus is used for different types of readings. But in order to get the best result, the reader will select the best spread. As a result, it will lead to solving your query. The questions like love, relationship, career etc. each one of them has some specific spread to answer the questions.

Many times it so happens that people become worried after getting the death card. Death card basically doesn’t represent the death, as pictorial representation. But it means the end of some traumatic situation in one’s life and rarely has to do anything with physical death.

The tarot card readers not only answer the questions by the card selected. But as they spread the cards, they get certain intuition about the problem. As a result of the combination of card and intuitions, they give the correct answers.

Tarot Card Reading is something which people mostly are asked to perform. This is generally when they meet somebody or when they are curious about knowing the intentions of somebody. The people also think of tarot reading when their relationship starts turning sour and want to find out the chances of saving the one.

In case you are the one who has doubts about the relationship or wants an answer about certain things that are in your mind. This can be solved or answered by the Tarot Reading. If the tarot reader is good it can help you get answers to all your questions. The good tarot reader will help you get the quality answer. It will also reveal to you the best outcome from the situation. The tarot reader will surely show you the current state within the energetic frames of people involved.

Types of Spreads in Tarot Reading

There are different types of spreads in tart card reading. It is as diverse as the taste of people, be it in music. Here are some of the limited but the tested and effective Tarot spreads. These are sought to answer all your questions.

Celtic Cross Readings Tarot Spread

Be it ancient or modern tarot, one of the famous types of tarot spread is the Celtic cross reading tarot spread.

In this type of Celtic Cross, the 11 positions offer enough details about the complicated topics like love, career, etc

The Tree Of Life Tarot Spread

The tree of life tarot spread is ideal for those who intend to seek clear ideas about the past, present, and future events. It helps to explain the reason for all the incidences and there causes and effect of it on karmic cycle. This is very effective for those who answer for outer progress through reading.

The Horoscope Tarot Spread

In the horoscope, tarot spread the Tarot reader should pick up  12 different cards each corresponding to the 12 signs of the zodiac and a 13th card which usually is an indicator for the query at hand. It is an effective form of reading, that comprises of zodiac signs and provide protection about the all. This is a perfect type of reading for the one’s looking forward to reading number reading people in a group.

Types of Tarot Decks

When it comes to tarot card reading, in a tarot card there are different types of tarot decks. There is as such no standard number of cards across the decks. The decks used are classified on the basis of different factors such as animal, nature, dragons, etc.

Here is the explanation about different types of decks.

Rider-Waite tarot deck

The Rider-Waite tarot deck is the most popular  Tarot deck in use nowadays. The images were drawn by artist Pamela Smith to the instructions of occult writer A.E.Waite and further published by the Rider & Company. The image drawn is simply but hold in them a great amount of symbolism.

It is quite a way to distinguish between the Ryder-Waite deck and the other decks. The pictorial representation in each card is very significant in its origin.

Oracle Tarot Deck

The Oracle Tarot Deck is a set of cards but may or may not be much significant as Tarot cards in terms of symbols of the major and minor arcana.  These are those mainly used in fortune-telling. They are also the ones used in meditation. These cards help in bringing the clarity of thoughts.

The Gipsy Tarot Tsigane

It is the artwork decorating the deck of Gipsy Tarot Tsigane which is nearly impulsive.  This deck has gained popularity because of the bright colours. The 4 suits from this deck describe society’s four castes and many of the interpretation is credited to the gipsy.

Zodiac Tarot Reading

The following are the forecasts for the zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces:


The one having this zodiac sign is suggested that, in case you are in the middle of the problem, all you need to do is see the situation from a higher perspective. This will help you see many new ways to cope out of the problem.

Affirmation: My heart, mind, my life and everyone in it are in perfect peace.


These don’t settle for anything less than their dreams. One the commitment is made to improve the situation,  the universe will find its way to deliver it.

Affirmation: I deserve and expect the best in life.


Dreams become powerful and clear with each passing day. It is advisable to trust and develop your visual skills.

It is safe for me to be a very visual person.


All you need is a break from the stressful situation and from routine life. Hence take time to rest and devote the time to self, and then make a fresh start.

I give myself permission to regularly rest and relax.


They are advised to have patience with themselves in a similar way as that of children. You need to nurture your inner child.

I invest in myself by taking time out regularly to play, let go and have fun.


One guided by the clean body, environment, heart, and mind.

I take excellent care of my body.


The one who seems to be hiding the true feelings and important topics of personal life. They are guided by the souls to admit the true feeling.

It is safe for me to be honest with myself and with others. I speak my truth with love.


Everything resolves at the end. Hence release all anxiety and feel secure.

Everything is in divine order, right now.


Any of the barriers will be removed successfully, especially the financial one’s.

I am financially secure and am supported abundantly today and every day in future.

Capricorn:  You are advised not to betray true feelings and your inner voice. Try to follow your true feelings.

I listen, honour and follow my true feelings knowing that they are answers to my prayers.


You are advised to follow the heart and hence trust and follow your inner intelligence.

I trust and follow my feelings and thoughts without questions and delay.


Laughter us something that can help.you to see the life from a different perspective and will help you to receive the solutions.

I find humour in life and laugh easily.

Practical Tarot Readings - Tarot CardsTarot Card Reading

The reading of the tarot card is quite simple and easy. One can easily learn it and can understand the concepts behind the reading. It is a tested and proven method of prediction of the future. It helps in the understanding of past, present, and future.

Tarot card reading is the one that helps people to have a better understanding of the circumstances. It is the one which makes the process of understanding things. One of the most reliable methods. The method involved in fortune-telling with the use of cards, having different pictures. The pictorial representation on the card is symbolic and help in knowing the insight of the things. The one reading the tarot card not only look at the historical meaning but combine it with the intuitions, which in turn can lead them to answer them with accuracy.

It is the fun-loving method to understand the reality behind everything.