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How Egypt Urnash does “Traditional” I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the surprising, clever, and confusing things Egypt has done to tarot. Perhaps we should take a look at her take on the more traditional cards, two of my favorites: The Hermit and Temperance. Hermit This Hermit is the Fool, “Carrying the light…

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Three Fools are Better Than One In the text, Egypt says that Crowley’s deck influenced her quite a bit (although not completely). One fun way that this influence is manifest is in her triple Fools. They are a homage, in part, to Crowley’s three Magicians. Here are the three Fools: They are The Maiden, The…

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Ms. Urnash compares these cards, the six alternate arcana, to songs that only ever debuted as B-sides (having just listened to Florence & the Machine’s B-Side album, I’m going through a “love the B-Side” phase). They are like the “extras” on a DVD, which I think of as things for true fans, absolute geeks, and the deeply devoted (and perhaps a little obsessed). Ahem. She leaves the use of these cards up to the reader. It is entirely your choice. Use them. Don’t. Sometimes. In addition to the traditional cards. Instead of the traditional cards. It’s all very loose and jiggy.

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Part 1 of the series is HERE Part 2 of the series is HERE   The (VOID) “Take me out to the black, tell them I ain’t comin’ back.” ~ Joss Whedon All in the Family The suit of (VOID) is made up of five cards: Queen, King, Chevalier, Progeny, and 0. It has no…

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If you know my work at all, you know I tend to get all starry-eyed and blissful when talking about the brilliant structure of tarot deck. For me, the structure provides a safe framework that allows my rational mind to feel comfortable enough to settle down. When it is settled, my intuition is free to fly.

I get a little tweaky when someone messes with the structure of a deck. However, as tarot publishing professional, I have learned to put aside my personal issues and open my mind to new things. If. They. Make. Sense. As long as the creator can explain the overall structure and function of the additions or changes, I am perfectly fine with it.

In the Silicon Dawn Tarot, Ms. Urnash has pushed tarot structure to its very limits…and beyond! The deck is a hodge podge of tradition and extremely modern creativity. I

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I have two confessions to make regarding this deck:

I hate this deck.
I love this deck. I wish I had created it.
I imagine if Egypt Urnash ever reads these words, she would be very happy and think “there now, I’ve done my job properly.”