Kindness Contest



UPDATE: The lucky winner is Ty Bevington! Congratulations, Ty!!!!

I have a lovely box of tarot treasures to give away, including at least one deck, one book, and some tarot accessories.

Entering is easy. Between now and December 12, commit a random act of kindness and tell us about it in the comments, including the date the act was committed. Please enter only new acts. An act can be as simple as letting someone in the flow of traffic or giving someone an encouraging smile, although larger or more creative acts are encouraged (and can be fun).

On Friday, December 13th, a winner will be randomly selected and announced here.

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Have fun spreading kindness and good luck!

Tarot and Fiction

We readers (of the cards) are often readers (of books). And many of us love fiction. And many of us would love to have more books that incorporate tarot either as a theme or to have a reader as a main character. For those of us who love mysteries and thrillers, who long for a…

Book of Shadows Tarot

Book of Shadows Tarot: As Above Barbara Moore, Gregorz Krisinsky, Simone Gabrielli, Franco Rivolli, Pietro Scola di Mambro September 2012 This powerful tarot is lovingly crafted upon Wiccan beliefs and practices. On this magical journey, you’ll encounter beautiful gods and goddesses, joyous Sabbat celebrations, spell-weaving rites, and vivid scenes central to Pagan spirituality. From the…

Blessed Ostara

The Ostara card (also known as Temperance) from the Book of Shadows Tarot: As Above is one of my favorites. I think the artist did a superb job capturing the feeling in addition to including all the symbolism I asked for. The brown hare (at the Goddesses feet) and the white bunny (in her arms)…

Steampunk Tarot Technology

It’s very apt that the Steampunk Tarot has finally become available as an app through The Fool’s Dog. They do an excellent job. Here’s a few things I love: The usability, obviously. It has to be easy and intuitive or forget it. But it comes with a comprehensive manual just in case you need help. The…

The winners are

I need to think through my contests more carefully! For example, how the heck do I expect myself to pick only 4 winners out of the 63 glorious responses that were posted? I want to send a gift to each and every one of you. But alas, I cannot. I tried to pick four but…

Tell Me Why Contest

mother of air

  I have four more Book of Shadows Tarot, Volume 1, As Above (deck only, no book) to give away. This contest is easy. In the comments, tell me why you are interested in this deck and why you’d like to win it. International entries welcome! Hurry. Contest ends Thursday, August 16 at 11:59 pm….

Winners Announced!

There were 22 entries in the Random Acts of Kindness contest. A nice, tarot-significant number. All the entries were wonderful, even though my initial explanation of it was not clear. But I do love encouraging Random Acts of Kindness and will run more of these in the future. We could not pick just three, so…

Win a Deck with Random Acts of Kindness!

Deck Book of Shadows I_Page_25

Random Acts of Kindness Contest!   Now that you’ve had a chance to see a little of the Book of Shadows Tarot, perhaps you’d like to win an advance copy? If you missed the posts CLICK CLICK  and CLICK You would? Great! This contest is an excuse to go out today and commit a Random…

BOS Major Arcana

Deck Book of Shadows I_Page_09

Ordering and Organizing the Cards Previous posts in series CLICK CLICK Early on in the tarot’s history, the Major Arcana cards were not numbered. However, we are now quite accustomed to putting numbers on these cards. This provides a number of benefits. For example, many readers like to incorporate numerology into their readings. Others consider…